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My journey into the wedding world began 8 years ago...

When my man popped the question! I knew exactly what kind of wedding I wanted and finally it was time to make my plans come to reality. I had a million ideas, links, photos and pages to follow from Instagram and Pinterest - but, then I was stuck.


I didn't know where to start, it all felt very overwhelming. I researched and contacted suppliers, I checked reviews, I asked my married friends for tips and I chased voice messages and countless emails. I got quotes and more quotes but I didn’t really know if I was getting a good deal or even if they were all going to “go” together!? What if all my styles looked awful on the day? What was my “theme” anyway?! 

Working full time meant long hours and sleepless nights trying to make it all happen. That's when I wished I had hired a Wedding Planner!


8 years on, planning has become second nature as I have helped my family and friends plan their weddings and finally decided that it was time I became a Professional Wedding Planner. So, here we are! Being a Planner really is my dream job - it’s challenging but rewarding. It’s hard but fun. It’s seeing months (often years) of planning come together perfectly on the day and having a wonderful sense of satisfaction.


I look forward to assisting you through your wedding planning journey & transforming your wedding dreams to reality all while you get to sit back, relax, & thoroughly enjoy the process!

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